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Each book contains 50 delicious recipes all 300 calories or under.
Start your healthy lifestyle change today and get the bikini body you want.
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Hi Michelle,
  Just wanted to write a heartfelt thank you for writing these amazing books. We're a busy working family of four who also love to eat and cook and after losing 15 KG (a size 16 to a 10-8) early last year with the help of your recipes I've been easily able to maintain the loss. One of the biggest things for me is the serving sizes are fabulous, they taste great and my kids Mr 8 and Miss 10 love them. They have tried almost every recipe in all 4 books and LOVE them. Our meal planning is based on all of your books and I never hesitate recommending them to anyone because they simply suit everyone! Even busy mums who sometimes rely on their slow cookers and double up and freeze recipes for those busy days! I love that no food group is excluded so I never feel like I'm missing out or on a diet!


  It took me 8 months to lose 30kg with help from the Bikini Cookbooks.
I've maintained my weight for 7 months now using the same books. They are my staple go to guides and my family and I love them!


  After leading an extremely active life during my teenage years I quickly found myself in my late 20's, a mother of 3, a teacher, a wife and a very inactive and over weight person. I found myself 30 kg over weight, happy but over weight. The craziness of life got the better of me and I had a list of excuses not to exercise and poor food choices were being made. I made the choice to commit to a healthy lifestyle in Jan 2012. I have used the bikini cookbooks as my menu planner. They were very user friendly, practical and great for the whole family. Through these low carb recipes I had a high protein and low carb diet. Plenty of water was essential. I followed a very intense training program which I still maintain 17 months on. I have lost over 26kg and over 150cm from my body. I have gone from a size 18 to a 12. My entire physique has changed to a toned and muscular one. Thanks again to Michelle's constant support and cookbooks!!!


  I am a mother of 3 very active teenagers, and not a lot of me time. Over the years I have put on weight due to illness and meds. I got to the stage last year that enough was enough. I bought the Bikini cookbooks and have not looked back.
  All the recipes are very quick and easy to make up, and everything needed in the recipes are ingredients that I already had in my cupboard. That to me was the biggest bonus!
  I cook separate meals for me and my family, and in every meal I have found it was heaps quicker to make my bikini recipe than a so called traditional meat and veg recipe for my family! That was huge! To date I have lost 15 kilos on Bikini Cookbooks.


  This book is great .. full of yummy recipes and what I like the most is that the recipes use everyday ingredients that you can buy in any supermarket ... and I love that they are all calorie counted already for me ... saves me a heap of time!


Hi Michelle
  Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful books I am on my fourth week using all four books and I am 5kg down. Your books make it easy to eat healthy, the recipes are delicious and family friendly. Thank you once again and hopefully one day my picture will be in the front of one of your books for my healthy large weight loss.
Many thanks,


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